Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book Review: Where I Lost Her by T Greenwood

Release Date: February 23, 2016
Publisher: Kensington Books
Format: Kindle
Pages: 384 pages
Genre: Mystery
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Eight years ago, Tess and Jake were considered a power couple of the New York publishing world--happy, in love, planning a family. Failed fertility treatments and a heartbreaking attempt at adoption have fractured their marriage and left Tess edgy and adrift. A visit to friends in rural Vermont throws Tess's world into further chaos when she sees a young, half-dressed child in the middle of the road, who then runs into the woods like a frightened deer.

The entire town begins searching for the little girl. But there are no sightings, no other witnesses, no reports of missing children. As local police and Jake point out, Tess's imagination has played her false before. And yet Tess is compelled to keep looking, not only to save the little girl she can't forget but to salvage her broken heart as well.


The longing for a child can take its toll.  Tess has tried everything to become a mother, infertility treatments, and adoption, but she watched as her hopes and dreams drifted away.  Now out visiting her best friend since childhood, Tess happens upon a young girl on the road, half naked, bleeding and all alone.  Before she can catch her the girl runs off.  Was she real? You start to wonder.

This book flips back and forth between present day and what happened in Guatemala when Tess and Jake tried to adopt a young girl.  Whatever happened overseas has effected Tess dramatically, and her relationship to Jake.  Now back in her hometown where she is now considered an outsider can she get anyone to believe her? Can she prove she wasn't imagining things? Or was she?

T. Greenwood has tapped into the heartache of infertility, the pain of being so close to having the dream of a child fulfilled only to have it ripped away again and again.  The mystery unfolds slowly and not in ways I expected it to. Well written with good character development.  Very suspenseful and keeps pulling you along.

Disclaimer: This book was received from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ARC Review: The Drowning Girls by Paula Treick DeBoard

Release Date: April 26, 2016
Publisher: Harlequin
Format: Kindle
Pages: 384 pages
Genre: Fiction, Suspense
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Liz McGinnis never imagined herself living in a luxurious gated community like The Palms. Ever since she and her family moved in, she's felt like an outsider amongst the Stepford-like wives and their obnoxiously spoiled children. Still, she's determined to make it work—if not for herself, then for her husband, Phil, who landed them this lavish home in the first place, and for her daughter, Danielle, who's about to enter high school.

Yet underneath the glossy veneer of The Palms, life is far from idyllic. In a place where reputation is everything, Liz soon discovers that even the friendliest residents can't be trusted. So when the gorgeous girl next door befriends Danielle, Liz can't help but find sophisticated Kelsey's interest in her shy and slightly nerdy daughter a bit suspicious.

But while Kelsey quickly becomes a fixture in the McGinnis home, Liz's relationships with both Danielle and Phil grow strained. Now even her own family seems to be hiding things, and it's not long before their dream of living the high life quickly spirals out of control…


The entire time I was reading this book I felt like I had read it before, but thats not possible.  So what was it.  I guess perhaps because I've seen movies just like it.  New family moves in, young beautiful unhinged Lolita takes and interest and befriends the daughter and things go downhill from there.  

The Palms are a ritzy upper class community where everyone knows everything and if you don't fit in you are fodder for the rich and bored. Phil has just become the new community relations person for this community.  His family moves into a huge house on the property and try to fit in.

Strange things have been happening in The Palms, houses vandalized, bathrooms destroyed, but no one believes it could be one of their own who is involved.  It has to be an outsider.

I found the book to be a bit predicable with no real ending.  The rich and bored were cliche and Phil, Liz and Danielle a bit too naive. I could see how this would make good summer reading, but it just didn't do it for me. I wanted the characters a little more developed and a little less stupid. The character that seemed the most developed was really just the pawn to move the story but you didn't get to really interact with her a lot.  The chapters were divided between Liz and Phil who were just not that interesting.

Disclaimer: Book was received from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, April 25, 2016

ARC Review: I Let You Go by Clare MacKintosh

Release Date: May 3, 2016
Publisher: Berkley
Format: ebook
Pages: 352 pages
Genre: Mystery, thriller
Buy: Kindle | Hardcover | Paperback


On a rainy afternoon, a mother's life is shattered as her son slips from her grip and runs into the street . . .

I Let You Go follows Jenna Gray as she moves to a ramshackle cottage on the remote Welsh coast, trying to escape the memory of the car accident that plays again and again in her mind and desperate to heal from the loss of her child and the rest of her painful past.

At the same time, the novel tracks the pair of Bristol police investigators trying to get to the bottom of this hit-and-run. As they chase down one hopeless lead after another, they find themselves as drawn to each other as they are to the frustrating, twist-filled case before them.


Clare Mackintosh has written one hell of a book.  Vivid descriptions of events, scenery and small time life.  I can honestly say I was shocked about 3/4 of the way through the book and I actually found myself going backward trying to figure out what I missed.  The rest of the book was a fast paced wicked ride.

Jenna Gray is haunted by her past and flees to wales to try to escape, unfortunately you can't escape your own mind.  Unfortunately its also hard to disappear in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and gossip is the only thing entertaining in town.

Ray is having problems at home.  His son is sullen and skipping classes, his wife seems upset and off, and he is never home because he is always working. His co-worker Kate is reminding him of why he loves being a DI but she is also stirring other desires in him.

What seems like a simple story is not so simple.  I really loved this book.  

Disclaimer: Book was received from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review.
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