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BOOK REVIEW: Where I Left Her by Amber Garza

Publication Date:  August 24, 2021 Format:  ebook Genre:   Suspense Publisher:  MIRA Books  Length:  248 pages Buy:    Kindle  |  Paperback  Synopsis From the author of  When I Was You  comes a spine-tingling new thriller about a mother’s worst nightmare come true, when her teenage daughter goes to a sleepover and doesn’t come back. Whitney had some misgivings when she dropped her increasingly moody teenage daughter, Amelia, off at Lauren’s house. She’d never met the parents, and usually she’d go in, but Amelia clearly wasn’t going to let something so humiliating happen, so instead Whitney waved to her daughter before pulling away from the little house with the roses in front. But when she goes back the next day, an elderly couple answers the door—Amelia and Lauren aren’t there, and this couple swe

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