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ARC BOOK REVIEW: Lone Woman by Victor Lavalle

Publication Date:  March 28, 2023 Format:  Kindle Genre:   Mystery/horror Fiction Publisher:  One World Length:   282 pages Buy:  Kindle  |  Hardcover Synopsis Adelaide Henry carries an enormous steamer trunk with her wherever she goes. It’s locked at all times. Because when the trunk opens, people around Adelaide start to disappear. The year is 1915, and Adelaide is in trouble. Her secret sin killed her parents, forcing her to flee California in a hellfire rush and make her way to Montana as a homesteader. Dragging the trunk with her at every stop, she will become one of the “lone women” taking advantage of the government’s offer of free land for those who can tame it—except that Adelaide isn’t alone. And the secret she’s tried so desperately to lock away might be the only thing

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