(15) Wingspan

Title: Wingspan by Karis Walsh
Publisher: Bold Stroke Books
182 pages
Genre: lgbt romance

I received this as an advance e-book through netgalley.com It was released February 17, 2014.

Synopsis: When architect Kendall Pearson finds an injured osprey on her property, she expects to simply drop it off at a local wild bird rehabilitation center and be done with it. Quick and painless, like every other relationship she has. But wildlife biologist Bailey Chase has other plans for Ken. First, as surgical assistant, and second, as the designer for her new raptor sanctuary.

Bailey protects her privacy with the vigilance of a hawk, hiding in her rescue center where she has complete control over her life and her work. Isolated on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, she’s surrounded by natural beauty and plenty of solitude. Until sexy Ken Pearson walks in with a wounded bird and Bailey finds her life has been invaded by more than just an extra beak to feed.

Sometimes pain is invisible, and only love can soar over protective barriers and heal a wounded heart.

Review: This story really pulls you in at the beginning. The information about the birds and the descriptions of the scenery is beautiful. I also like the back story on both Kendall and Bailey but  think it lingered too long before the walls started to crumble.  The ending picked up again and I liked to see Kendall breech her walls and soar in her design capacity.