(16) The Quickening

Title: The Quickening: Book Two of the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy by Yvonne Heidt
Publisher: Bold Stroke Books
210 pages
Genre: LGBT paranormal romance

Synopsis: Tiffany Curran has the ability to read places and people by touch, and although it’s a gift she uses to help people, it’s also a curse that prevents her from having much human contact. She tries to keep life simple, but that all changes when Katerina Volchosky calls in the Sisters of Spirits paranormal team for help.

Kat is tired of reporting about violence in the city and vows this story is her last. She is hoping that S.O.S. can connect with a serial killer’s victims to help provide clues. When she meets Tiffany, she dreams of a promise made centuries ago to a flame-haired priestess.

Ancient whispers of curses and witches haunt Tiffany’s nightmares, and the closer she and Kat get to the murderer, the louder the whispers get. Worse, Tiffany has a horrific suspicion she might know who the killer is.

Review: Not exactly sure that the synopsis really captures this book.  Kat has been tasked by the police as a middle man between themselves and the Sisters of Spirit in order to help solve crime.  Tiffany has been tasked with helping Kat to "see" these crimes and help the police.  What she didn't think would happen is that she would find herself drawn to Kat in ways that she didn't expect.  Along with the help of Shade, Sunny, and Jordan they need to find this killer soon, one of their lives depends on it.

Kat feels Tiffany's attraction and mirrors it only she has been dreaming of Tiffany for years.  She remembers their past life together and wants to rekindle that but how she can do this without freaking Tiffany out she isn't sure.

In my opinion this book was better than the first. There was a bit more drama, a lot more insight into the characters, and some things I saw coming but didn't know how they would fit and others that totally blindsided me.  I like when a book can keep me on my toes.  It doesn't hurt that the book features 3 kick butt women.  I was heartbroken to see that there isn't yet a 3rd book in this series but I'm hoping that Yvonne doesn't keep us hanging for too long!