ARC Review: By the Dark of her Eyes by Cameron MacElvee

Release Date: November 15, 2016
Publisher: Boldstroke Books
Format: Kindle
Pages: 288 pages
Genre: LGBT, supernatural romance
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The evil lies dormant, waiting to be awakened.

Brenna Taylor relocates to Arizona to nurse her grief and takes possession of a decrepit century-old home sitting among two hundred acres of dead citrus trees. But she unknowingly rouses an evil and stirs the darkness inside herself, a curse she’s carried since childhood. With the help of Alejandra Santana, the charismatic contractor to whom she is drawn, Brenna uncovers the violent history of the land she’s inherited.

As the tormented spirits of massacred migrant workers call out for revenge, the malevolent force that imprisons their souls begins to lure Brenna into its hell. But Alex’s love may not be enough to stand between Brenna and death.


Tortured by the death of her husband and child Brenna flees to land that her husband had purchased in Arizona in the hopes of fixing up the old farmhouse and creating a new life.  What she finds is an evil that feeds on her anger, and guilt.  This evil may consume her if she isn't careful.

This was a great ghost mystery that spans generations of one family, filled with many cultural references to migrant workers, the Hispanic culture and Arizona politics.  Fast paced and well developed characters really speed this story along. The heat and attractions between Brenna and Alex is well written and builds nicely.  I highly recommend.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review.