Audio Book Review: Seven Series 7-1- by Dannika Dark

Publisher: Tantor
Format: Audible
Narrator: Nicole Poole 
Genre: Romance
Buy: Amazon


The Seven Series follows the lives of the Westin pack. Most of the males in this pack are part of the same family. The Cole brothers all follow their brother Austin who is the leader of the Westin pack. As each man struggles to find and keep their mate they also struggle against outside forces that try to tear them all apart.

These books count down from 7 so 7 is the first and it goes from there.


These books are a great mix of romance and action.  This combined combined with a pack made up of family members and a few others that care about each other. Even when that caring isn’t always reciprocated the way it should be. These are great paranormal romance books.  Each one can be read as a standalone but they all seem to have a common thread that is best read in order.

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