Audio Book Review: I Know Everything by Matthew Farrell

Release Date: August 6, 2019
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Format: Audio
Length: 9 hours 17 minutes
Narrator: Cynthia Farrell
Genre: Mystery/thriller
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Police investigator Susan Adler is ready to close the book on a deadly car accident, but after the medical examiner discovers evidence of foul play, she knows she has a murder on her hands. The victim was the wealthy wife of Randall Brock, a renowned psychiatrist who treats patients with disturbing, brutal fantasies. And just like that, Susan’s got a suspect.

Randall has a violent past but knows he didn’t kill his wife. In the midst of his crushing grief, Randall receives a visit from a stranger with information to share about his wife’s death. But there’s a catch: in exchange for the stranger’s information, Randall must reveal dark secrets he’s kept hidden for years. As this shady figure applies more pressure and Susan closes in, Randall begins to doubt himself, clinging desperately to the pieces of his sanity.

Revelations and suspicious coincidences send shock waves through the investigation, and circumstances spin out of control. Susan must race to put it all together before it’s too late—before the next murder strikes too close to home.


This was a twisty tale.  I kind of figured it out about halfway through but apparently I was only half right.  This creepy story kept me engaged all the way through as I tried to figure out who may have actually killed Randalls wife.  Lots of twists and turns, and edge of your seat thrills, this one will keep you up all night trying to figure it all out and just when you think you have it, something happens that leads you down another path.  Excellent writing.