AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Memory in Death (In Death #22) by JD Robb

Publication Date: May 20 2008
Format: Audio
Genre:  Police Procedurals/Romance
Narrators: Susan Erickson

Publisher: Brilliance Audio             
11 hours 30 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Eve Dallas is one tough cop. It should take more than a seemingly ordinary middle-aged lady to make her fall apart. But when that lady is Trudy Lombard, all bets are off. Just seeing Trudy at the station plunges Eve back to the days when she was a vulnerable, traumatized young girl—and trapped in foster care with the twisted woman who now sits smiling in front of her.

Trudy claims she came all the way to New York just to see how Eve is doing. But Eve’s fiercely protective husband, Roarke, suspects otherwise—and a blackmail attempt by Trudy proves his suspicion correct. Eve and Roarke just want the woman out of their lives. But someone else wants her dead. And when her murder comes to pass, Eve and Roarke will follow a circuitous and dangerous path to find out who turned the victimizer into a victim.


I found this book on Scribd.

Eve battles her past when one of her foster mothers pays her a visit.  I love Eve and Roarke they are so similar yet they balance each other.  I have a soft spot for this series and Eve's evolution.  She really struggles with personal relationships and social niceties but is working on becoming a better human. 

Trying to find the murderer of a woman who is not well liked by many is difficult, throw in Eve's baggage of torture in her care and Eve struggles to see the forest through the trees.  But with a little help of her subconscious she muddles through.  

This is the 2nd Eve Dallas book I have listened to on audio and I'm getting used to it.  I still don't appreciate the voice of Peabody but its tolerable.  I do however love the lilting Irish brogue that she uses for Roarke.  


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