AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Origin in Death (In Death # 21) by JD Robb

Publication Date: May 20 2008
Format: Audio
Genre:  Police Procedurals/Romance
Narrators: Susan Erickson

Publisher: Brilliance Audio             
11 hours 30 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


A pioneer of modern reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Wilfred B. Icove, is found dead in his office—murdered in a chillingly efficient manner: one swift stab to the heart. Struck by the immaculate condition of the crime scene, Dallas suspects a professional killing. Security disks show a stunningly beautiful woman calmly entering and leaving the building—the doctor’s final appointment. 

Known as “Dr. Perfect,” the saintly Icove devoted his life to his family and his work. His record is clean. Too clean for Dallas. She knows he was hiding something and suspects that his son—and successor—knows what it is. Then, like father, like son, the young Dr. Icove is killed…with the same deadly precision. 

But who is the mystery woman—and what was her relationship with the good doctors? While her husband, Roarke, works behind the scenes, Dallas follows her darkest instincts into the Icoves’ pasts. What she discovers are men driven to create perfection—playing fast and loose with the laws of nature, the limits of science, and the morals of humanity…


I found this book on Scribd.

William Warwick has been promoted and is now in the drug squad where he uses his powers of persuasion to get his rival from school to work undercover to help him put away a drug dealer.  He is also still determined to see Miles Faulkner the art collector and thief behind bars. 

Written with the typical Archer finesse, this book moves quickly and easily, the narrator is a perfect fit and there are some twists I didn't see coming.  I loved it and grabbed the next one immediately. 


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