BOOK REVIEW: Don't You Dare by CE Ricci

Publication Date: February 22, 2022
Format: Kindle
Genre:  M/M Romance/ LGBTQ

Publisher: Self-published
379 pages
Buy:  Kindle | Paperback


A party game. A dare. A single kiss.

That’s all it took to flip my world upside down.

I’ve always classified myself as straight, and as far as I can tell, so has he.

I didn’t think one kiss would change that, but I was so wrong.

Now, I can’t stop thinking about him. In all the ways I shouldn’t.

My best friend.


His taste is branded in my memory, his touch seared in my skin.

And I want more.

This simmering attraction I feel only grows with passing time.

Which is why I start tossing out new dares.

Riskier ones that toe lines we never thought we’d cross.

I’m gambling with our friendship, knowing it could ruin us.

But there’s so much more at stake here.

Like my heart.


I grabbed this book from Kindle Unlimited - it was being talked about in a Facebook mm romance books group. 

Keene and Aspen have been friends forever.  Ever since his dad passed away Aspen has had a hard time letting people get close to him or even trusting them, with the exception of Keene.  Keene is a catcher for the college baseball team but would love to go pro.  

During one of their twisted games of Don't you Dare they are Dared to kiss each other.  This fateful kiss awakens feelings in Keene that he doesn't know what to do with.  When it happens again in college he decides he needs to figure out what is going on and decides to explore his sexuality.  Aspen discovers what Keene is doing and unfamiliar feelings of jealousy surface and he throws himself in to help Keene discover himself. Unexpectedly he also discovers that his feelings for his best friend run deeper than he thought.

This was a really good book that dealt with trust issues, public outing, being gay in professional sports, homophobia and what it means to love someone.  This is a super sexy book with lots of dirty talk but also real conversations. When two people are as close as Aspen and Keene even without the sexual relationship the love they had for each other was so deep their relationship was only bound to get closer. 

I just downloaded another CE Ricci book since I liked this one so much. 

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