ARC BOOK REVIEW: Cocktails Chloroform by Kelley Armstrong

Publication Date: December 31, 2023
Format: Ebook 
Genre:  Fantasy

Publisher: Subterranean Press
 115 Pages
Buy: Kindle 


For modern-day detective Mallory Atkinson, being trapped in the body of Victorian housemaid means overcoming endless obstacles. Her current challenge is winning over the suspicious young parlormaid, Alice. Mallory’s plan starts with teaching the girl to make Molotov cocktails, which is a perfectly valid science experiment and not at all a desperate ploy to gain Alice’s attention. Before the lesson can begin, though, Alice receives a letter that has her slipping off in the night. Concerned for her safety—and naturally curious—Mallory follows.

Mallory finds Alice at what seems like a simple dance hall, watching young men and women flirting and whirling in pretty dresses and dapper suitcoats. But nothing here is what it seems, and what starts as a simple surveillance exercise turns into a full-scale spy mission with Mallory’s boss, Dr. Duncan Gray, at her side. Before the evening is done, those Molotov cocktails are probably going to come in handy.


This novella from the Rip in Time series is excellent.  Mallory is a 21st century cop transported back to victorian times into the body of a sultry and devious maid.  She has gotten her employers to believe who she is but she is having trouble getting other to believe she is not the girl she once was.  Everywhere she goes Catriona's reputation precedes her often causing suspicion and scorn.  Helping her fellow maid save her sister turns into a little more than she bargained for, but with the help of her employer Dr. Grey she hopes to escape unscathed. 

Excellent fast read. I love this series and you should know by know how I feel about Kelley Armstrong.  I haven't stumbled across a book she has written that I disliked.  She is a definite auto buy auto request for me.  

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