Homo Domesticus

Homo Domesticus - Notes from a Same-Sex Marriage by David Valdes Greenwood - before marriage was legal in Massachusetts David and Jason got married and this is the tale of their life. Recounting how his in-laws embraced the wedding while his family did not, instead opting to pray that he would change.  This isn't all roses and sunshine just like any marriage it is filled with ups and downs, and plenty of learning.  When gay marriage becomes legal in their state David and Jason don't jump at making their union a legal one, instead they sit back and decide whether or not they need or want a state sanctioned union.  In the end they decide that since one of their goals is parenthood that it would be in their best interest to tie the knot legally.  After that detail is out of the way they venture into the world of adoption and family.  I thought this book would be light and fluffy but I found that it had an underlying rawness that made it very real.  I appreciate David's willingness to put the good the bad and the ugly of his relationship on paper showing the world that same sex unions are just as complicated and normal as heterosexual ones.