In Death

Title: Imitation in Death by Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb
Publisher: Berkley Books
342 pages

Synopsis:  Book 16 in the Eve Dallas death series.  In the year 2059 Eve Dallas NY homicide detective, married to multi-billionaire Rourke is drawn into a serial murder case where the killer likes imitating the most infamous serial killers in history.  Meanwhile her assistant is prepping to take her detective exam and is making Eve feel like a nervous mother, a feeling she is definitely not used to.

Review: After that horrid book I tried to read this was a great break.  If you are not already an Eve Dallas fan you should be.  Although these books are billed as romance they have all the suspense and gritty crime ridden dirt of a good mystery thriller.  Imitation in Death is not for the first time reader though, it often alludes to previous books and the relationships between the characters may leave new readers puzzled.

I love all their futuristic gadgets, particularly the auto chef which creates food at the touch of a button and cars that fly and can be automatically programmed to get drive you home safely.  No more drinking and driving!  Whoo hoo.  In all seriousness if you are looking for some mind candy after a stressful week pick up one of these books.