Moving Forward

Title: Bow Grip by Ivan E Coyote
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press
219 pages

Summary: Joey Cooper, a small-town mechanic, trades a beat-up old car for a brand new cello, he thinks he's in the market for a new hobby; for a man trying to pull himself back together after his wife left him (for another woman), music might be just what he needs. What he finds, though, is a lot more than he counted on, and a search for a cello instructor becomes, in a laid-back sort of way, a quest for personal fulfillment.

Review: Joey is just a small town guy who is trying to figure out life after his wife leaves him for another woman and his dreams for his future are dashed.  He trades a car for a cello because his mother and sister feel he needs to get a hobby and move on with his life.  When the man who he traded the car for gets in touch with him about the car breaking down Joey discovers a secret this man is hiding but before he can confront him he disappears.  Worried, Joey finds clues to the mans' past and goes in search of someone who may be able to help him.  While Joey is trying to help this other person he finds others who start to help him.  Helping him to see his way forward, and find that his dreams of the future and family may still be fulfilled they may just look different than he expected.  They also teach him more about himself, who he doesn't want to be and how to find forgiveness.  This is a great first novel for Ivan.  I hope that she writes more.