Secrets and Lies

Title: Down River by John Hart
Publisher: St. Martin Press
384 pages
Genre: Mystery Thriller

Synopsis: Adam Chase is passionate and misunderstood, a fighter.  When narrowly acquitted of a murder charge, he disappears for five long years: not a clue, not a trace. Now, he's back and nobody knows why- not his family or the cops, not the women he left behind.  But Adam has his reasons.

When more bodies surface, Adam must unravel a web of deceit and violence so dense it staggers the imagination. Old secrets rise, lives collapse, and more than one person crosses the brink as author Hart probes the timeless destructive power of deception and revenge.

Review: I was so thrilled to have found this author when I read his most recent book, Last Child, so I picked up some of his earlier stuff.  I am still thrilled.  Hart keeps you on your toes at every turn and while I sort of predicted some things others were a complete surprise which is hard to do to me since I'm such a die hard mystery reader.  I'm so glad that there are writers out there that can still surprise me.

Greed runs rampant in the small county of Rowan when the electric company decides it wants to build a nuclear power plant that would create jobs and bring some much needed money into the suffering county.  The problem is that Adam Chase's family  owns most of the property along the river, it has been in their family for generations and his father refuses to sell.  Some people in the town applaud him while others are angry.  When a young woman is attacked on the property and bodies start turning up the question is whether this is all due to the millions at stake or is there something else going on out on the Red River Ranch?

Hart vividly portrays the reality that you can't run from your past it always seems to catch up to you, there is no way out but through and the only way through is forgiveness or letting go. His characters are as complex and flawed as we all are, everyone has their demons and even with the best intentions we often screw up.


  1. I never used to enjoy reading mystery/thrillers at all, but now I love them. This book sounds interesting :)

  2. It was really good there was just so much too it. Relationships between fathers and sons, friends etc..I really enjoyed it.


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