Vampire Romance with a Moral

Title: The Keepers by Heather Graham
Publisher: Harlequin
288 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance

This title will be released 10-1-10 - I received this as an advanced galley copy from the publisher.

Synopsis:At the core of New Orleans lie the otherworldly vampires and shape-shifters that hide in plain sight among mankind. As one of the Keepers, an elite group possessing superior skill and strength, Fiona MacDonald knows her duty is to secure balance in a place where one vampire’s bite could ignite a war between societies. When Detective Jagger DeFarge is called in at the discovery of a young woman’s body, drained of blood in a cemetery, both the specially talented detective and Fiona must join uneasy forces.

Jagger will stop at nothing to find the murderer— including working in close quarters with the sensual and suspicious Fiona. As more young women die, it becomes clear that this isn’t the work of an ordinary vampire. No one is safe.

But when the killer’s attention turns to Fiona, will Jagger risk the destruction of his own species to protect the woman he has come to love?

Review: I have a thing for New Orleans.  I fell in love with the city the first time I visited back in 1995.  I have been back several times both pre and post Katrina and I still can't get enough.  I'm a sucker for just about any book set in NOLA (no pun intended).  So when I saw this book set in NOLA I just had to try it.

Fiona is a Keeper whose job is to police the vamps of the city in case they aren't taking care of business but she has a tendency to overstep her position by putting herself on the front lines before she gives the vamps a chance to take care of business on their own.  Fiona doesn't trust vampires, so she can't figure out her growing attraction and trust of Detective and vampire, Jagger. Fiona's sister Caitlin is livid about Fiona's growing attraction to Jagger.  She feel that there shouldn't be "mixed" affairs, that it is too dangerous because the relationship between a werewolf and a vampire started a war that killed their parents.  So interwoven in this mystery romance you also find a lesson on prejudice and standing  up for your beliefs even if people disagree with you. I always like when books that I think of as "mind candy" surprise me.  I liked this book, it was fun and of course filled with gorgeous people who fall in love instantly but it also had an underlying message of tolerance.