Hoppity Hop Hop Hop

Its Blog Hop Friday...This weeks questions is what is your favorite beverage to drink while blogging or reading?

For me it has to be tea.  I am almost as obsessed with tea as I am with books.  I have an entire cabinet in my kitchen devoted to tea only! Black tea, green tea, white tea...you name it its probably in there.  Decaf, caffeinated it doesn't matter.  My favorites?  Depending on my mood, I like English Breakfast in the morning, something fruity in the afternoon or if its a rainy blah day that calls for Earl Grey. In the evening, something more mellow like a chamomile, or peppermint.

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy.


  1. Thanks for hopping by. I look forward to reading your reviews. Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. I'm making a pit stop along my hopping path :)

    I'm also a single mother. However, they are still In the mind shaping age. And mom is still awesome!

    I'm a new follower.

    Mad Scientist


  3. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoyed reading your blog on Room - will be back to visit!

  4. I don't drink when I blog or read. I forget to drink when I'm reading. I'm usually too engrossed. And blogging and drinking don't go together for me. I like the old page on the books to the right. Makes me want to go to the library.


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  6. I'm your newest follower! I am enjoying your blog. Found you via the hop! Feel free to come by and visit me when you have a moment!


  7. Also a fan of English Breakfast in the morning. I like Lady Grey in the afternoon or a fruit blend- great to see another tea-drinking reader!

  8. Just hoppin' by. New follower!

    Emma Michaels

  9. Happy HOP! I drink water and soda to keep awake at night. Hope you have a fun weekend planned and I'm a new follower.

    Hop on over and visit my blog :D

  10. Hi there, returning your visit. Thanks for coming by! I hope your weekend ended up being a good one.

  11. What is my favorite drink while reading? What is my favorite drink while reading?? What is my favorite drink while reading???

    Oh dear!!! Has no one been listening to Doktor Buks?!!


  12. Hey Heidi
    So, I'm a week late, but I was stopping by on this weeks hop, and just HAD to comment when I saw you were a fellow teadevotee. You are my kind of gal!
    Lyndsey @ teadevotee

  13. @Lyndsey its sad how addicted I am to tea, and now that the weather is getting cooler its all about the tea!


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