No past, no future only now

Title: The Mindfulness Revolution: Leading Psychologists, Scientists, Artists and and Meditation Teachers on the Power of Mindfulness in Daily Life by Barry Boyce, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hahn, Daniel Siegel, Jack Kornfield
Publisher: Shambhala
288 Pages
Genre: Self-help, Psychology

This book was received as an advanced electronic galley from the publisher via netgalley.  This title will be released in March 2011.

Synopsis: In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in the art and science of mindfulness. Simply put, mindfulness is a means for developing greater awareness of our moment-to-moment experience—for fully experiencing what is happening within us and around us. It has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and improve health. Recent studies also indicate that mindfulness can alleviate depression and anxiety, improve attention and performance, and increase an individual’s overall levels of happiness.

Mindfulness is being applied in a wide variety of fields, including health care, education, leadership development, the law, and the military.The Mindfulness Revolution is a collection of the best writing on mindfulness from leading figures in the field.

Review:  If you are new to the theory of meditation and mindfulness this is a great book.  Some of the top writers on the topic explain it in simple terms and help guide you on your way to learning this simple yet not so simple technique.  I've been doing yoga for years and am a certified yoga teacher so some of this information was redundant for me but I think it would be great for people just looking into this practice.  Focused breathing can help reduce stress, help sleep, and generally improve your overall health and outlook on life.  Its  so simple its amazing more people aren't doing it.  But here is the catch, just because it seems simple and the method is simple doesn't mean that it doesn't take work to achieve.  It takes discipline, patience and time to actually master it.  We often judge ourselves too harshly and thus drop things because we feel we just cant do it or think its too difficult or we don't give it enough time.  Those people who think that mindfulness "doesn't work" might need to come back to it or maybe just aren't ready to experience life in the now and life in the future or past is serving them in some way.

Each author of the different chapters of this book have their own way of explaining things, some are easier to understand than others and I think that different teachers speak to different types of people.  I love that this is just not another book on meditation and mindfulness but it is also a way for those who write and teach this every day to share their knowledge.  If this was written by one teacher you may find that you don't understand them and move but with so many different voices explaining it there is something for everyone.