Kindle to Kindle comparison

Since I am a Kindle junkie and happen to own 3 versions of the kindle (I have yet to shell out the dough or find it even remotely necessary to buy the DX yet) I thought I would give my reviews on each.

Kindle Version 1 - awkward to hold.  I was always hitting the page turn buttons on this one.  It is also very thick compared to the two latest versions which also makes it harder to deal with but with a good cover this one works fine. Kindle 1 also has a memory card which you can replace to create more space on your kindle. Uses whispernet to download books.

Kindle Version 2 - much more streamlined but doesn't have the removable memory card so you can't transfer books or improve the storage.  Uses 3G whispernet to download books.  This version I found very durable.  It is thinner than version 1 but also bigger.  The buttons are in much more convenient locations and I didn't find myself accidently turning the pages. I have a silicone cover for my version 2 kindle and it has held up really well.

Kindle Version 3 - smaller and more light weight than version 2 also much more delicate.  I'm actually a little afraid of it.  I didn't necessarily need a new kindle - version 2 was fine, and I actually really liked it but I was lured by the black color of the new one (silly I know).  I ordered a cover because after the 2nd day of having this one the screen broke (not sure how) and I had to have it replaced. I'm actually not sure if I like the smaller size or not I think I'll have to get used to it.  My kindle 3 is wifi only so I have to be near a hotspot with wireless internet access in order to download books or access the store, unless I want to hook it up to the computer to download books which is kinda redundant since if I can download books from the computer I must have wifi.  The e-ink seems to be darker on this one or it might just be my imagination and the pages are milliseconds quicker.

Anyway the jury is still out on Version 3 I like the lighter weight but I'm a little concerned over how fragile it seems to be.  My Kindle 2 was very durable and has been knocked off a couch stepped on by dogs and has weathered the storm, I'm not sure version 3 would fair as well but I guess time will tell.


  1. Interesting comparisons. I got version 3 with the free 3G/Wi Fi for Christmas and love it. I do have a case for it so when I'm not reading the kindle goes in the case.

  2. I forgot to mention that with version 3 when you are actually reading a book you can't see the battery life. In version 2 you can see how much battery you have left no matter what you are doing. I'm not sure I like having to go back to the home page to see if I need to recharge. Again I guess its all in what you are used to and I'm sure I'll get used to this one.


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