The Past Always Comes Back to Haunt You.

Title: Vieux Carre Voodoo by Greg Herren
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
264 pages
Genre: Gay Fiction, Mystery

Synopsis: When an old family friend apparently commits suicide from his French Quarter balcony, Scotty’s life accelerates from boring to exciting again in a nanosecond. Why would anyone want the old man dead, and what were they looking for in his ransacked apartment? It’s up to Scotty, Frank, his crazy family, and friends to get to the bottom of this bizarre mystery—and when an old, all-too-familiar face turns up, it’s not just Scotty’s life that’s in danger, but his heart.

Review: Out of all of Greg Herren's books I love his Scotty series the best.  There is just something about him that just pulls me and won't let me go.  I love his quirky family and the messes he always seems to be finding himself in and the cops have a love hate relationship with Scotty.

People are being tortured, houses are being ransacked and Scotty once again winds up in the middle of it all.  With his partner Frank out of town and his special gifts returning to haunt him the last thing Scotty needs is for his hot ex lover who is wanted for murdering Scotty's uncles to show up.  Swearing he had nothing to do with the murders Colin arrives back in New Orleans with a bang, literally since he shows up sporting a gun shot wound and a story about being undercover.  Scotty isn't sure what to believe, his heart is saying one thing and his memory of the heart wrenching happenings of the past are saying another.  But before he can sort that out he has to figure out what three young soldiers from the middle of nowhere did with a precious relic and why they took it in the first place, all while trying to stay alive.

These books remind me of a gay Janet Evanovich book because Scotty always seems to stumble his way into trouble and by the skin of his teeth and the help of good friends finds his way safe just like Stephanie Plum.  Houses might burn down, people might get beat up but Scotty always prevails.  One fortunate difference is the setting, New Orleans is infinitely more colorful and fun to read about than New Jersey.  There are also plenty of beautiful men. Hot for either Joe or should check out Frank and Colin.