(11) Adoption 101

Title: In on it: What adoptive parents would like you to know about adoption by Elizabeth O'Toole
Publisher: Fig Press
155 Pages
Genre: Adoption

Synopsis: This is the adoption book for grandparents and friends, neighbors and colleagues, and aunts and uncles of adoptive families.  Whether you're excited or worried, committed or a bit reluctant, experienced or unfamiliar with adoption, In On It is an informative, friendly and very useful adoption guide for anyone touched by adoption.

Review: I tend to just keep all my reviews of adoption books on my work blog, (I work for an adoption agency) particularly if they are non-fiction, but this year I joined an adoption reading challenge so I'm going to be posting some of my reviews here as well.

In On It is a great book for families of adoption. This book is smart, thoughtful, and full of humor. Elisabeth O'Toole guides readers through adoption--and all the unique stuff that accompanies parenting in a family with adopted children. In On It opens a path for friends and relatives to become insiders to the process and is a great resource for people who want to support their loved ones, but aren't always sure what to do or say.

There is a list of conversation starters and additional resources in the back to help those who would like to dig a little deeper on the subject and at the end of each chapter there is a little recap on what you can do to help support your friends or family that are adopting. There aren't many books out there for friends and relatives and this is one of the best I have seen.  Its short, so its not overwhelming and the information is delivered in an easy non-threatening format.


  1. What a unique book! I wonder if it would be helpful for teachers as well, or is it more geared to the start of the adoption process?

  2. Its more geared toward talking to family and friends there are books out there for teachers though. Try tapestry books I know they have one for teachers.


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