(12) King for a Day

Title: Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
308 pages
Genre: Young Adult (Sci Fi / Adoption)

Synopsis: Jonah and Chip have just discovered the shocking truth of their pasts: They're famous missing children from history.  Before they can fully comprehend what that means, Jonah and Katherine are zapped back in time along with Chip and another boy, Alex. When they land in the fifteenth century, they learn that Chip is really Edward V, king of England, and Alex is his younger brother Richard, Duke of York. But the thrill of being the king wears off quickly - its no fun being royalty when someone is trying to kill you...especially when that someone is your uncle, the infamous Richard of Gloucester! JB promises that if the kids can set history straight and fix time, he will bring them back to the present day. But how can they possibly return home safely when history claims that Chip and Alex were murdered?

Review: The second Book in the Missing Series was fabulous.  Less about adoption and more about time travel and history.  Chip, Alex, Katherine and Jonah all travel back to the 15th century to try to save time.  Chip and Alex are the Princes of England that are thought to have died in the Tower of London.  But Katherine and Jonah won't allow their friends to die so they have to figure out how to save them without messing up history anymore than it already has been.

This was like reading a fun history book.  You got to learn about how Richard the III stole the throne from his nephew Edward the V and why Richard is portrayed the way he is in history.  It was all really fast past fun and fascinating.  Time travel books have always fascinated me but to throw 4 tweens into the past and ask them not to mess it up creates a lot of entertainment.