Courting in Modern Times

Title: Landing by Emma Donoghue
Publisher: Harcourt Books
321 Pages
Genre: Fiction

Synopsis: Sile is a stylish citizen of the new Dublin, a veteran flight attendant who's traveled the world.  Jude is a twenty-five year old archivist, stubbornly attached to the tiny town of Ireland, Ontario, in which she was born and raised.  On her first plane trip, Jude's and Sile's worlds touch and snag. In the course of the next year, their lives, and those of their friends and families, will be drawn into a new, shaky orbit.

This sparkling, lively story - with a uniquely twenty-first century twist - explores the age old questions: Does where you live matter more than whom you live with? What would you give up for love, and would you be fool to do so?

Review: Sile and Jude live 5000 miles apart and while their meeting may feel a bit contrived their courtship is right out of old times. Although these two have many more modern ways of keeping in touch than just by post. The distance keeps the relationship fresh but it also creates problems. Their relationship reflects the modern problems of commitment and the theory that opposites attract.  The geographic differences, Sile in Dublin, Ireland and Jude in Ireland, Ontario reveal each characters personalities. Sile is outgoing and worldly while Jude likes a slower pace and despite being younger is more old fashioned.

Emma Donoghue's characters always feel very real and believable and this story depicts lesbians and their lives in a normal, intelligent and very accessible way.  This couple could have been anyone, it could have been a straight couple or a gay couple the issues that come to light are the same.  This book is light and fun and Sile and Jude are witty and keep you turning the pages in an effort to see where things lead.  Donoghue depicts the energy and excitement as well as the uncertainty of new relationships, especially when there is so much to overcome. I thoroughly enjoyed their journey into uncharted territory and faith that they could overcome any obstacle.



  1. I've been meaning to check this novel out, purely because the topic sounds interesting. However, I've found previous novels by Donohue rather boring, so I am not sure if I should.

  2. I haven't read all of Donohue's past books but this one is set in modern times which moves a bit quicker than her period pieces.


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