(62) Metaphors and Murder

Title: Through the Heart by Kate Morgenroth
Publisher: A Plume Book
312 Pages
Genre: Mystery

Synopsis: Bullied Nora is stuck in a dead-end job in Kansas, caring for her cancer-stricken mother. Spoiled rich boy Timothy walks into the coffee shop where Nora works, and it's mad love at first sight. A more unlikable pair of lovers is hard to imagine. She's spineless, he's brutally selfish, but they are united in their mutual distaste for their dreadful, if hopelessly stereotypical, families, who return their disdain. Alternating chapters—Timothy, Nora, and The Investigation—describe the course of their relationship and its consequences, one of which is a murder the morning of their wedding, the same murder that opens the book.

Review: I found this book to be entirely entertaining.  The mystery wasn't too mysterious but I like seeing both sides of the story.  It was like being a psychic fly on the wall of a budding new relationship. You got to see both sides of the story and see inside the world of both characters.  While their relationship seems doomed for failure they both seem to only seeing the rosy side of things.

Fast paced this book holds your attention and while it doesn't keep you guessing it does keep you reading, like a car accident you can't turn away.