(72) The Ultimate Lesbian Road Trip

Title: Tats by Layce Gardner
Publisher: Bella Books
288 pages
Genre: Lesbian Fiction

Synopsis: Lee Hammond's girlfriend has moved on to other women. Deciding she's done the last of her now ex’s laundry, Lee hops on the Harley, ripe for adventure. One thunderstorm, a brief stint as a funeral crasher, two ruined shoes and several cheerleaders later, she's still planning to run away. Better yet, she's got one of the cheerleaders along for the ride.

Not just any cheerleader, either. Vivian Baxter is that cheerleader, the one that made Lee certain back in high school that she was never going to be like all the other girls.

Destination? Someplace not Oklahoma. Possibilities? As many as the wide open road can offer. Problems? None at all. Except perhaps Lee's ex, a hopping mad stripper who wants her Harley back.

Vivian's feminine wiles prove invaluable in solving their transportation problem just as her own past catches up to them. And Vivian's past has two legs, a lot of henchman and a very big gun. Lee and Vivian may never get out of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma may never be the same.

Review: First time author Layce Gardner hits this one out of the park. I haven't laughed this hard at a book in a long time. My kids thought I was nuts because I would be laughing hysterically time and time again.  The characters are funny, real and yet there are still some moments that brought tears to my eyes.

I really had no idea what to expect from this book, I picked it up when I was on vacation thinking it was going to be a normal cheesy lesbian romance but I got so much more.  The wit and humor that go back and forth between the characters, the crazy situations they wind up in and the poignant moments make this book worth so much more than the cover might make you think.  This is the ultimate road trip but the main characters don't die in the end.


  1. I normally would not have given this novel a second glance, but since you're saying it's really funny I might just check it out. There's too much serious lit out there and this sounds like a refreshing change.

  2. It actually really surprised me I thought for sure it was going to be really stupid just from the cover but there were many times when I was laughing out loud.


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