(3) The Hidden Child

Title: The Hidden Child by Camilla Lackberg
Publisher: Harper
504 pages
Genre: Mystery

Synopsis: Detective Patrik Hedstrom is on paternity leave. But his wife's enquiries appear to have set off a chain of murders and he's finding it hard to keep out of the investigation.

A terrible secret from the darkest days of World War II is coming to light and their families histories are right at the heart of it.

Review: What a fabulous book.  I loved the characters and learning about Sweden and Norway's involvement in WWII was really interesting.  I was caught up in the mystery from moment one and couldn't figure out what was going on until the very last few pages when everyone else in the book figured it all out.

Unraveling the past from a few clippings, a bloody child's tshirt and an SS Nazi medal Erica and her husband Patrik find themselves caught up in a mystery that involves both of their families and secrets that have remained hidden for years .  Everything about this book was fabulous.  I loved the way the beginning of each new chapter flipped back to the past and told the story as if it was happening right then, then we would be thrust back into the future to see where these characters are now and how their lives all intertwine.