Booking Through Thursdays: Interview Part 1

Booking Through Thursdays is a weekly meme- this weeks question is: If you could interview anyone who would it be and what would you ask them?

I had a hard time with this question.  There are several authors that I would like to interview but I guess the one that always seems to come to mind is Jasper Fforde.  I am completely in awe of his talent and would love to be a fly on the wall of his computer while he is writing.  So what would I ask him?

You seem to be extremely well read where do you come up with your ideas?
Did you write as a child?
Will there be any more Nursery Crime books?
Have you always been a fan of Nursery Rhymes?


  1. As you know, I am a Fforde fan, but I am pretty certain the answers he gives to your questions would be unintelligible until editing (you got me hooked on him, now I have his autograph). Per your request, I want to re-animate Enest Hemingway. I want to ask him how he came to writing so powerfully with limited words and ambiance language. I also want to ask him if fiction is possible (other than fantasy) if you have not experienced the situation or circumstances yourself. I would also like to discuss why religion and rationality cannot co-exist with Ayn Rand. Finally, I would like to ask Oscar Wilde if one's last name determines one's lifestyle? Just askin'


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