(47) Tats Too

Title:Tats Too: The Case of the Devil's Diamond by Layce Gardner
Publisher: Bella Books
248 Pages
Genre: Lgbt, Lesbian, romance, mystery

Synopsis: They got out of Oklahoma alive. With a baby on the way, Lee Hammond and Vivian Baxter have settled down to uncomplicated domesticity—until Lee finds bugs in the smoke detectors. The electronic kind.

It seems that there are a few details about her past that Vivian has neglected to share with Lee, and the men with the big guns are back. They want what Vivian took from them: the thirty million dollar Devil’s Diamond.

From the bright lights of Vegas to the dazzling sights of Hollywood, the chase is on in Layce Gardner’s sequel to the instant sensation Tats.

Review: Tats had me laughing so hard I must have looked like a lunatic reading that book and this one is no different.  I chuckled, I spit water across the room, and I smiled my way through reading this book.  Lee and Vivian are perhaps the most dysfunctionally functional couple you will ever encounter outside of Janet Evanovitch's number series.

Lee and Vivian were just settling down to a uncomplicated life with a new baby when all hell breaks loose and they find themselves on the run from Italian thugs and the FBI. Faking their own death they take to the road to try to escape the bad guys and track down a missing diamond.  There is never a dull moment, with these two! Then add Vivian's brother Lulu who is now her sister and the spitting image of Vivian, and the laughs just keep coming.

Caution: Don't drink or eat while reading this book or you will be spitting your food across the table with liquid coming out your nose.  The same could be said for reading this book in public, like I was doing on the train the other day and had people staring at me because I couldn't help but laugh out loud. A fabulous, funny ride.