(56) The Eight Concepts of Bowen Theory

Title: The Eight Concepts of Bowen Theory By Roberta Gilbert
Publisher: Leading Systems Press
138 Pages
Genre: Systems Theory, Psychology

Synopsis: The Eight Concepts" is a clear and concise description of the basic concepts of Bowen family system theory. Beginning with the fundamental concept of the nuclear family as the emotional unit, the other concepts -- differentiation of self scale, triangles, cutoff, family projection process, multigenerational transmission process, sibling position, and emotional processes of society -- are explained as they evolve out of the fundamental concept of the emotional unit. The emphasis is clarity of presentation and purity of presentation of theory.

Review: Short with a basic overview of Bowen Family Systems Theory.  If you want to know more about Triangling, Over and Under functioning, cutoff, sibling position etc...than this book can help.  I personally enjoyed her book Extraordinary Leadership better.  I thought this was a bit too basic for me.  But if you are just starting out and would like to know more about Family systems and how to identify and possibly break patterns that may be holding you back at work or in your personal life this might be a good book.