(72) Lucretia and the kroons

Title: Lucretia and the Kroons (Kindle Single) Victor Lavalle
Publisher: Spiegel & Grau
100 pages
Genre: YA

 I received this book as an advanced electronic galley from netgalley.com

Synopsis: Being young doesn't protect you. Horrors come for kids, too is a lesson Lucretia "Loochie" Gardner learns the hard way in this gripping novella. Loochie is a plucky 12-year-old from Queens living in an apartment complex rife with rumored creatures from the underworld. She struggles to come to terms with her best friend Sunny's ongoing battle with cancer, as the two have been inseparable for years. When Sunny returns home from her latest round of treatment, the girls make a plan to hang out at Loochie's--without parental supervision. But Sunny doesn't show, and Loochie dives into twisted waters in her quest to find her best friend.

Review: Creepy and spooky I'm not sure this is a novella for children.  Loochie winds up in an in-between place where she is chased by Kroons (decaying broken crack addicts), flying rats and saved by her best friend Sunny.  It is a tale of friendship, loss. This is such a disturbing little story I'm not sure if I liked it or didn't but it certainly made an impression.