Read the latest data on the survival of 21st century reading

Print books may or may not be in danger, but reading in general isn't going out of style. Data from the Pew Research Center indicates that about 78% of Americans 16 or older say they've read at least one book in the last 12 months.

Pew looked at variations among reading habits in different communities  For example, 80% of urban and suburban residents alike say they've read at least one book in the past year, along with 78% of those in rural areas. We read for many reasons: 82% of suburban book lovers say they read for pleasure, as well as 79% of city dwellers and 76% of rural residents. At the same time, 79% of urbanites read to keep pace with current events; so do 79% of readers in the suburbs and 73% of rural readers.

Its not all e-books, either: 58% of Americans 16 and older say they have a library card, and 69% say that libraries are very important to them and their families.