(30) Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight

TitleDoes This Baby Make Me Look Straight?: Confessions of a Gay Dad by Dan Bucatinsky
Publisher: Touchstone
256 pages
Genre: biography

Synopsis: In 2005, Dan Bucatinsky and his partner, Don Roos, found themselves in an L.A. delivery room, decked out in disposable scrubs from shower cap to booties, to welcome their adopted baby girl—launching their frantic yet memorable adventures into fatherhood. Two and a half years later, the same birth mother—a heroically generous, pack-a-day teen with a passion for Bridezilla marathons and Mountain Dew—delivered a son into the couple’s arms. In Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight? Bucatinsky moves deftly from sidesplitting stories about where kids put their fingers to the realization that his athletic son might just grow up to be straight and finally to a reflection on losing his own father just as he’s becoming one.

Review: Dan has written a funny, revealing book about what it is like to be a new parent.  He talks about his quest to adopt, his disappointment with one failed adoption and his joy at becoming a father, not once but twice thanks to the same woman.  His stories of parenthood are not for everyone - if you don't like kindergarten humor then this might be a book to pass on but if you have kids and know the crazy weird things they come up with to ask or do then you may appreciate his candidness.