(38) The Quick Red Fox

Title: The Quick Red Fox: A Travis McGee Novel by John D. MacDonald
Publisher: Random house trade paperbacks
224 pages
Genre: crime mystery

Synopsis: She’s the opposite of a damsel in distress: a famous movie star, very beautiful, very much in control of her life. She’s just made one little mistake and now she needs Travis McGee to set it right. The money is good and Travis’s funds are in need of replenishing. But that’s not the only reason he takes the case. There is the movie star’s assistant—efficient and reserved, with a sadness underneath that makes McGee feel he’d brave any danger to help her.

Review: I love mystery novels and old fashioned hard boiled detective novels are a passion.  Travis McGee definitely delivers.  Dashing yet with scruples Travis takes on cases where his fee is half of the value of whatever he is hired to get back plus expenses.  When the client is an actress those expenses can certainly pile up.

In a time without cell phones or computers detectives had it a lot harder, now days it seems anyone can be a detective.  This is a fast paced thrill ride with a great cast of characters.  I can't wait to read another, and another....


  1. I like hard-boiled detective novels too. This one is going on my list!


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