(11 & 12) His to Possess #5&6

Title: His to Possess #5: Entangled by Opal Carew & His to Possess #6: Forever by Opal Carew
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
42, 46 pages
Genre: Romance

Synopsis: #5 Torn between two sinfully sexy men who ignite her fiercest desires, Jessica has to make a choice.

Should she choose Dane, the confident, commanding billionaire who’s awakened her desire to explore her submissive side? Or Storm, the heavily muscled, motorcycle-riding rocker from her past who she’s never gotten over?

While her indecisive heart is waging a painful war, the men are about to make a seductive proposal that could change everything—and send Jessica to dizzying new heights of pleasure.

#6 Both Dane and Storm send Jessica’s body up in flames, but only one man can have her for keeps.
With both men fighting for her heart, Jessica has reached her breaking point.

But beneath the confusion and chaos, there’s one man she truly belongs to, one man who will possess her forever—and the choice is about to become startlingly clear.

Review: #5 What do you do when two of the most eligible gorgeous bachelors are trying to win your affection? When Jessica finds out her ex party boy, rock band boyfriend is actually the billionaire brother of her boss she doesn't know what to do.  Torn between the love she had for "Storm" and the affection she is forming for Dane she doesn't know what to do, so hey why choose when you can have both? Okay this one ended on a major cliff hanger but overall it was good.

#6 I feel like the ending of this was very rushed.  I know this is a romance novel and things never work they way they work in real life the way they do in these books but some serious stuff went down and in one night she discovers her heart and things end happily ever after...even that was a little too quick for a romance novel.

All in all this was an entertaining story I just felt the end was rushed and had there been even one more section to this story I feel it would have felt more complete and less like I was on a speeding train.