(4-6) His to Possess (#2, #3, #4)

Titles: His to Possess #2: The Morning After by Opal CarewHis to Possess #3: Perfect Storm by Opal CarewHis to Possess #4: True Lies by Opal Carew
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
42, 36 & 44 pages
Genre: Romance

Synopsis: The erotic serial His to Possess, an intoxicating tale of a woman torn between a dominant billionaire and a tattooed, bad boy rock musician.

Part 2: When Jessica and Dane shared a night of explosively hot, no-strings-attached sex, she never expected him to offer the one thing she needed most—a job at his business empire.

 As she embraces her role as his assistant, it becomes impossible to keep things strictly professional. Her body burns for him, and his commanding presence awakens her darkest hungers. She’s never been dominated before, and now she can’t stop yearning to submit to him completely.

But carrying on a secret affair with the head of a powerful business empire puts her at risk of losing her job…and her heart.

Part 3:As Jessica is pulled deeper into Dane’s opulent life of luxury, power and sensual domination, she experiences pure bliss…and an overwhelming fear that it’ll all come crashing down.

The closer she gets to the powerful billionaire, the more she begins to see his carefully concealed vulnerable side, and the struggles of his painful past. Soon she finds herself becoming more than just his assistant and lover. She’s become his most trusted confidante.

But someone from the past—someone she never expected to see again— is about to return. And it could cost her everything.

Part 4: Shocked by Storm’s reappearance in her life, Jessica finds herself struggling to make sense of her feelings for Dane and Storm, the man she once loved who left her behind. Storm is a heavily muscled, motorcycle-riding bad boy who couldn’t be more different from Dane… and the truth is, she’s never gotten over him.

When he reveals the true reason why he left, Jessica finds herself wanting to accept his plea and give their love a second chance. But can she surrender to Storm when Dane already has command of her heart?

Review: I was not a fan of these little serial installments when I read the first one but I now understand the appeal.  Each one gives you a taste and leaves you waiting for the next one to come out. They are quick and easy reads and the waiting builds the anticipation.

I thought part 3 was the weakest of these 3 installments but it still held an "Omg" moment.

Now I have to wait for parts 5 & 6 which are being released 1/14/14 and 1/21/14. After that I believe they are going to release all the parts together in one book in March 2014 with some added material. So I wait with anticipation for Part 5 to see what will happen, will it be Dane or Storm? And what will happen when she finally makes her choice, there is more at stake here than just hearts.