(20) Season of the Wolf

Title: Season of the Wolf by Robin Summers
Publisher: Bold Stroke Books
264 pages
Genre: LGBT Romance, thriller

I received an advanced e-copy of this book through netgalley.com. Release date March 18, 1014

Synopsis: Devon James is on the run from a killer who has been hunting her for years. When she discovers the murdered bodies of two co-workers, Devon knows it is time to run again. But before she can run, the police arrive and take her in for questioning.

Jordan Salinger is a Pittsburgh homicide detective on leave after a hostage standoff left her with a bullet wound in her shoulder and an even bigger hole in her heart. When she is called in by her partner to help with an uncooperative witness, Jordan has no idea that the woman holds the key to the murders and to her salvation.

With the murderer stalking them at every turn, can Devon and Jordan overcome the horrors that haunt them in time to save each other?

Review: Both Jordan and Devon are filled with guilt from things that were not in their control.  Jordan is haunted by her latest standoff and Devon is haunted by the very real serial killer who has stalked her for half her life.  Jordan is brought back to work to help solve this case and Devon, tired of running decides to trust Jordan and her partner to help her.

This book kept moving. There really weren't any lags, or times when I felt like "oh my god just get on with it". The story moved smoothly and was well paced.  It is a romance so the sparks fly early but it didn't seem forced or out of place. The characters were well developed and while the story was a bit dark there were light moments scattered throughout.  I look forward to reading more from Robin Summers.