(36) And she was

Title: And She Was: A Novel of Suspense (Brenna Spector Novel) by Alison Gaylin
Publisher: Harper
389 pages
Genre: Mystery/suspense

Synopsis: Brenna Spector, a missing persons investigator afflicted with Hyperthymestic Syndrome, a rare disorder that enables her to remember every moment of every day of her life. A twisting mystery, both chilling and surprising, And She Was sets the haunted investigator on the trail of a missing child who vanished more than a decade earlier—a case with disturbing echoes in Brenna’s own scrupulously remembered past.

Review: This book reminded me of the show "Unforgettable" in fact I was wondering if the TV show was based on this book but it wasn't, it was based on another book very similar to this one.

This was a good quick read.  The characters were interesting and believable, the dialogue kept me interested but the drifting off into different time lines did get a bit clunky at times.  The play between Brenna and her assistant was fun and a nice break from the dreary topic of a missing child, missing woman and a stalker man who doesn't seem like he has any good intentions toward anyone.

There are a lot of different twists and turns to this story and when you think you may have it figured out it goes in an other direction. Very entertaining.