(49) Out of the Ashes

Title: Out Of The Ashes (The Ending Series, #3) by Lindsey Fairleigh & Lindsey Pogue
Publisher: L2 Books
423 pages
Genre: Dystopian,

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

Synopsis: Hope brought them together, but it's now fear that drives them...and threatens to tear them apart.

Zoe and her companions succeeded in rescuing Dani from the Colony. But not without sacrifice. Beaten and broken, they head west, determined to leave behind the torment and horrors they experienced in Colorado.

As Dani and Zoe make the perilous trek home to Bodega Bay, they learn that danger can take many forms--other survivors, their friends, even themselves--and that things are rarely what they seem. Zoe is desperate to become the woman she sees in others' memories, while Dani struggles to conceal damaging secrets, risking losing herself--her humanity--completely. Together, they must rediscover the true meaning of friendship, love, and trust, and learn just how hard they're willing to fight for what remains of their shattered world.

Review:  Free from the Colony, Zoe, Dani and their crew of other lost souls continue to make their way across the country.  They are in search of a place to call home, a safe place where they don't have to sleep with one eye open anymore and be able to try to build a life.  Zoe is still struggling with the effects of whatever happened to her during her escape from Clara the psycho girl who keeps trying to kill her and Dani seems to be losing herself to her animal friends. In addition to the every day struggles to survive Dani struggles with the knowledge of what her mother had done and that she is still alive. This knowledge is dangerous, more dangerous than she can possibly imagine.

This series just keeps getting better as layers start to peel away to reveal what happened to create this world, and how those who survived can continue to live their lives. These characters aren't invincible either, you will see them bend to the breaking point or lose themselves all together, this is a touch and violent new world and they are lucky to have survived as long as they have but their struggles are far from over. Like the other books the action and the character building gets equal play and doesn't disappoint.  My only wish for these books is that I didn't have to wait for the next one but even still I am excited and gripping the edge of my seat to see what new challenge this motley crew will have to face in order to survive.


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