Review: The Deadening

Sisters of the Spirits  #3
Title: The Deadening: Book Three in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy by Yvonne Heidt
Publisher: Bold Stroke Books
Format: e-book
Pages: 264 pages
Genre: LGBT, Supernatural, Romance

I received an advanced e-galley of this book through netgalley from the publisher in exchange for a fair review - this book has just been published. 

Synopsis:Shade Stewart is a member of the Sisters of Spirits paranormal investigative group and a self-proclaimed necromancer. Renowned for leaving a trail of broken hearts, she walks between darkness and the light, searching to ease the emptiness in her spirit with women and whatever else might ease the pain. After an explosion leaves her in a coma, Shade is trapped in a place between this reality and her nightmares, fighting for her life and her soul.

Raven Sanchez, a fiery generational witch, is the newest member of SOS. Instantly attracted to Shade and the power she possesses, Raven pursues her, ignoring the darkness that surrounds her. Blinded by her desire, she uses her magic in an attempt to win Shade’s heart, setting in motion forces beyond her control.

Third in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy

(6) Review: I loved the first two books in this series and Yvonne Heidt has done it again. Although this book is a bit darker and a bit more character driven than mystery driven than the other two. While the first two books in this series revolved around a case this book focuses more on Shade, the necromancer of the Sisters of Spirits. I have always found Shade to be the most compelling and mysterious character and this time we get to dive into her head, learn about her childhood and what makes Shade, Shade.

Raven has been in love with Shade since she was small, there is about a 10 year age gap between the two of them but that never stopped Raven from knowing that Shade was the one for her.  Despite Shade's desperate attempts to push her away Raven just keeps coming back for more, not deterred in anyway by the dead spirits that seem to lurk around Shade all the time.  In fact Raven can see them as well and is not freaked out by them at all.

I really think that this is the best book in the series.  Shade fighting her demons from the past and drug addiction will speak to so many and learning how to let go and move through so that you can move on is such an important lesson.  The fact that this book delves into these heavy subjects with humor and a bunch of sexy lesbians and some steamy love scenes definitely doesn't hurt and certainly keeps you turning the pages.