Book Review: Disorganized Crime: A Kat Makris Greek Mafia Novel

A Kat Makris Greek Mafia novel - black comedy
Title: Disorganized Crime: A Kat Makris Greek Mafia Novel by Alex A King
Publisher: Citizen A Press
Format: e-book received for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Pages: 345 pages
Genre: black comedy, mystery

Synopsis: Kat Makris was just a kid when her father spun wild and gruesome bedtime stories about Baboulas, the Greek boogeyman, a fearsome creature with a penchant for stealing gold and clashing with the gods. Now Kat is twenty-eight, single, an only child halfway to orphaned, and her father's weirdo fairytales lie crumpled at the bottom of her childhood closet, in the house where she still lives. But when her father is abducted by men with crooked noses, she discovers his old stories were true—true crime, that is. What does Kat know about crime? Nothing, that's what. Her only transgression, to date, is underage drinking. Even her driving record is pristine. Her couch-to-cubicle existence shattered by his kidnapping, and the discovery of his secret and deadly past as a mobster for the Greek mafia, Kat is determined to find her father, even if it means forming an unholy and felonious alliance with Greece's boogeyman …

(30)Review: What a fun book! This book reminds me of the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series or the Claire McNab Kylie Kendall series, part mystery part comedy.  Kat learns that her family is part of the Greek Mafia, and her grandmother runs the show.  Filled with unforgettable characters this book takes you on a wild ride to find Kat's father.

From crazy, obsessive ex girlfriends, henchmen who like to blow things up, a wordless bodyguard, a Grandmother who runs the family from her kitchen while making some delectable Greek meals, to the goat that shows up to eat the flowers and the gorgeous police officer who isn't sure if he should deport Kat, keep her close or seduce her,  this book is nothing but fun.

I didn't have any expectations of this book but it looked interested when I requested a copy from the publisher, but I found that I couldn't put it down. Apparently there is a 2nd book that just came out and I am downloading it immediately! If you are looking for a fun summer read, look no further.