ARC Review: If Jack Had

Title: If Jack Had by Steven Rappaport
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Format: Advanced Paperback - ARC received from publisher in exchange for a fair review
Pages: 211 pages
Genre: Fiction

This title will be released June 4, 2015

Synopsis: Jack is a New York Times journalist with a second job as a contract killer for the Russian Mob. “What’s the difference between a serial killer and an assassin? A pay check.” The events occur mainly in Manhattan, Miami, Tel Aviv, and Greece. The book begins at the end, with the protagonist preparing to kill his final victim; himself.

(33) Review: Dark and funny this book is the dark tale of getting old, and trying to reconcile your life.  Its also about family.  Jack is a NY times journalist who realizes when he is in college that he also has a knack for killing people and getting away with it.  So he hooks up with the Russian Mob to start his second job as a hit man for the Mafia, his secret life isn't known to his children but he uses it to keep tabs on them.

Jack is a no holds barred kinda guy, he tells it like it is, well mostly in his head but sometimes to the people around him.  His father is an ass, his step-mother a doll, his mother a narcissistic bitch, his children have made something of themselves, and his wife was the love of his life and now that she is gone and he is mostly incontinent he doesn't feel life is worth living anymore.

The story of Jacks life flips back and forth in time and is extremely entertaining, and often tongue in cheek.  If you like Woody Allen there are quite a few similarities in this style of book so you may want to find this one for your shelves.