Book Review: Tough Justice: Betrayed (7 of 8) by Tyler Ann Snell

Release Date: January 12, 2016
Publisher: Harlequin Special Releases
Format: e-book (Kindle)
Pages: 74 pages
Genre: Mystery/ Romance
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Keep your friends close. Your enemies closer. And your colleagues?

Trust has never been easy for Special Agent Lara Grant. Life taught her a hard lesson as a child, one she's never forgotten. But now, when the betrayal is so close to home, Lara is pushed to the very limit.

As the players finally move into position, it's time to go all in, or go home. It doesn't matter that fear is shaking her very core, it doesn't matter that everything she has…her team, her new family…is on the line.

What does matter is that there has always been one truth about Lara Grant: when her back's against the wall, she comes out guns blazing. And at last her target is in her sights…

Part 7 of 8 in the chilling, high-octane FBI thriller TOUGH JUSTICE from New York Times bestselling author Carla Cassidy and authors Tyler Anne Snell, Carol Ericson and Gail Barrett.


The discovery of who has been betraying the team become evident but the motives are slightly murky.  Lara and her team hope to get answers to why they were betrayed, and how it all came about. In addition they continue to track down the person who is still one step ahead.  

I didn't like this authors last segment thinking it felt rushed and out of character but she redeemed herself with this installment.  There was well planned action and intrigue that left me wanting her to hurry this one up! Lara finally seems ready to trust Nick in this one and the pages start to heat up. 

Can't wait for the conclusion to this action packed series.