ARC Review: The ABC's of Yoga for Kids (a guide for parents and teachers) byTeresa Anne Power

Release Date:
April 8, 2016
Publisher: Stafford House Books
Format: Kindle ebook
Pages: 60 pages
Genre: Yoga, Exercise, Kids
Buy: Paperback


This guidebook supports parents and teachers who wish to learn more about yoga for kids, including how to implement yoga into the daily lives of children. Readers will gain insight into what yoga is, how it can contribute to a child's active lifestyle and how to use yoga to alleviate many childhood challenges. This easy-to-use handbook offers basic guidelines for teaching yoga to kids and a sample children's yoga routine. The increased body awareness afforded by yoga helps kids make better choices for keeping themselves healthy, both physically and mentally


This book is a companion to ABCs of Yoga for Kids, a picture book that uses the alphabet, rhyming and colorful illustrations to introduce children to yoga.

This book has a few cute ideas for classes for kids relying heavily on the ABC's of yoga book. If you are new to teaching yoga or someone just starting out teaching yoga to kids this is a nice companion book that gives some great explanations as to how yoga can help children with Autism, ADHD, and also just the every day stress that kids these days have.  There are great ideas for activities that unplug kids and teach them ways to help move their bodies, learn breath techniques and meditations that can help them throughout life. Children who learn these techniques early in life will have lifelong skills to help them relieve stress and bring awareness to their bodies.  Yoga also helps teach kids about living a healthy lifestyle in a fun and non-competitive way.

This is a nice starter book for teacher or parents of young children who would like to incorporate some fun stress relieving movement into a classroom.  Even in a normal everyday school schedule a 10 minute break doing a few of these fun exercises can really help kids focus and retain more.

Activities are described a little vaguely so I would suggest you are familiar with the ABC's of Yoga for Kids book.  Since the poses names are the ones used in her book and not necessarily the mainstream yoga pose name you may not know what pose she is talking about.  There are several illustrations of poses in the book but I still suggest buying this book as a set instead of on its own.

I feel like many of these activities would be good for pre-school to kindergarten age children.

Disclaimer: Book was received from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review.