ARC Review: Roots of Murder by R. Jean Reid

Release Date: July 8, 2016
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Format: Kindle
Pages: 480 pages
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
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With a flash of blinding headlights and the scream of metal on metal, Nell McGraw's husband Thom is killed and her life is shattered. Now she's alone in Thom's Mississippi hometown, trying to care for her grieving children while returning to work as the publisher of the Pelican Bay Crier, the newspaper Thom's grandfather founded.

When Nell is called to a site where human bones have been found, she's determined to see the guilty parties receive the justice they deserve. But in Pelican Bay, the stories of the past may be too dangerous to be told. Threatened by the men who want their secrets to stay buried and the family of the drunk driver who killed Thom, Nell finds that if justice is to be served, it will come with a deadly price.


What a timely book this is, in the midst of #blacklivesmatter rallies and such racial division in this country this book felt like I was reading the current news instead of a book.  Don't get me wrong it was engaging and entertaining as well but it just seems so strangely timely for me to read it right now.

I could go on a whole tirade about how racism is so systemic in our society today but I won't. I will just say that this book could have taken place today, yesterday or sadly even a few years from now. The injustice Nell uncovers is a story that has actually played out across the country - the difference is that this one only lasts 480 pages instead of the years and heartbreak that something like this would actually have caused and when you are done you can either closed the cover and put it behind you or really think about it and help create change.

This is a brilliant book with a timely subject, well researched, well written and a sad look at America's past and present when it comes to race relations.

Disclaimer: Book was received from the publisher through in exchange for an honest review.