Book Review: My Steamy Viking by AJ Tipton

Release Date: December 20, 2015
Publisher: Createspace
Format: Kindle
Pages: 52 Pages
Genre: Romance
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A cursed Viking trapped in a watery prison. A modern-day witch digging into her past. What they discover could bring them together…or tear them apart. 

Over a thousand years ago, Bram and his brothers were cursed. The Viking has spent centuries trapped in a Scottish loch as an invisible water wraith, despairing of ever breaking free. But when a gorgeous woman splashes into his world, Bram finally has a chance to make things right.

Audrey is a tenacious witch exploring the grounds of her grandmother’s secret Scottish cabin. When she feels drawn to the beautiful waters of a nearby loch, she discovers she is not alone. Will her magic be enough to free her aqueous lover?


This is a short hot steamy romance with a paranormal twist. Audrey is a young witch who inherits her grandmothers Scottish cabin.  Bram was cursed to be trapped as water until the curse is broken. He has been trapped in the loch outside Audrey's cabin for thousands of years.  The key to breaking this curse is a riddle that Audrey is having a hard time trying to decipher.

This is a quick graphically steamy novella. My biggest complaint about this series is I am left wanting more!