Book Review: Resurrection: An American Journey (Volume 2) by WH Wisecarver

Release Date: June 26, 2016
Publisher: Createspace
Format: Kindle
Pages: 466 pages
Genre: Historical Science Fiction Thriller
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"Is there something in the air here in Washington, DC that drives everyone insane?" Leila Freyan thought. The twenty-seven year old math genius knew Kirk Danner was a keeper of secrets. Only now did she realize how dangerous those secrets were. The plan is viable, she thought, but he might be crazy. Could he be trusted with such power? Could anyone?

The Order's plan to plunge her world into a new Dark Age was accelerating. But Leila Freyan's generation was unhampered by the ghosts of the past. She realized instantly she'd need the talent of her generation to stop them. Freyan's on her own mission now.

An American Journey is the newest in the Resurrection saga. Nothing is as it seems in this political thriller, and now we are taken into the heart of the issues facing all Americans and offered some realistic solutions.


I didn't read Volume 1 of this trilogy so I found myself a little lost in the beginning of this book.  I didn't quite understand what was going on but I did find myself intrigued nonetheless. Finally the pieces started falling into place, the dots started to connect and I found myself drawn in.

Wisecarver weaves a tale of history, conspiracy and fantasy artfully into a tapestry that tells a terrifying story.  Some of his analogies and "theories" hit a bit too close to the truth and really make you think.  This is not a beach read or some quick mind candy fluff, this is a book that makes you think. Think about the world we live in, the way governments are run and how we allow what we allow to happen.  It may be science fiction but it has a very well thought out thread of truth running through it.  The characters are well developed and the writing draws you in.

If you like History, conspiracy theories and a little bit of fantasy this is a good read.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author's publicist in exchange for an honest review