Book Review: Unbound Soul by Richard Haight

Release Date: May 8, 2016
Publisher: Create Space
Format: Kindle
Pages: 202 pages
Genre: Spirituality
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The true story of a young boy, who, in the midst of a vision, dedicates his life to spiritual awakening. As he matures into a man, this promise leads him across the globe, gathering ancient knowledge and mastering martial, healing, and meditation arts. Along the way, subsequent visions reveal the rapidly approaching collapse that will shake our societies, our economic system, and the earth's ecology to the very core. Tormented by visions of coming worldwide calamity, he presses ever onward in his search and eventually realizes the elusive truth hinted at in his childhood vision.


I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book, at first I thought this might just be another book by someone who wants to jump on the band wagon of enlightenment but by the 3rd chapter (they are very short chapters) of this book I was sucked in by Haight's journey.  Through conversations, with parents and teachers, meditation, martial arts and vision quests Haight found himself with some very real yet primal understanding.  His teachings remind me of indigenous cultures, protect the land, seek answers within and live in the moment. These are all teachings that have been around for ages but yet we seem to overlook so often.

I find his method of meditation very interesting and inspiring, however I don't agree with all of his take on other forms of meditation.  As a Kundalini yoga teacher I have experienced meditations that are similar to what he teaches.  Haight's teachings are not to be applied only in a special setting but more as a way to live in the world.  A householder teaching to help awaken us or unbind us from ourselves.

I found this book extremely inspiring and filled with a unique take on many spiritual paths.  If you have any interest in expanding your mind and or have an interest in martial arts this would be a good book for you.  I am going to be recommending it to some martial arts teachers I know.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.