Podcast: Someone Knows Something (Season 1)

Release Date: March 2016
Producer: SKS and CBC radio
Format: Podcast
Host: David Ridgen
Length: 11 Episodes
Genre: True Crime


Investigates the disappearance of five-year-old Adrien McNaughton, who vanished during a fishing trip in 1972.


Interviews with the family and witnesses show that what people remember can and does shift. When you interview someone more than once more and more information is revealed that wasn't brought forth in the beginning because the details didn't seem "important".  Very interesting and brings forth a lot of new leads.

The lilting accents are almost mesmerizing but its the story that keeps you listening.  What happened to Adrien? Could he still be alive? I think that is highly unlikely especially given the new evidence but for lovers of true crime this podcast is like an interactive audio book.

I'm a sucker for this type of podcast.  I love listening to the investigative process and the uncovering of new facts.  Well done.