ARC Review: 20 by Vatsal Surti

Release Date: December 18, 2016
Publisher: Hybrid Texts
Format: Kindle
Genre: Fiction
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One night as she is driving back home from a show, she almost runs over someone. She holds her breath, and through the fog they see each other for the first time. Love begins to form in the space between them, in precognitions and thoughts, lights and intimacies. Seasons change. They come to know more things about themselves and each other. Life wraps them in its embrace like a haze, in a vacant space bigger than their eyes can see.


This is a story of loneliness and love and finding yourself.  This novel is almost a poem in its lyrical and atmospheric writing.  Its haunting, beautiful and left me scratching my head wondering what I had just read but feeling better having read it.  Its one of those books that is hard to describe and even reading it leaves you a little lost but needing to go on.  Beautifully written but not for everyone.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book through in exchange for an honest review.