Audio Book Review: A Death In Sweden by Kevin Wignall

Release Date: January 1, 2016
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Format: Audible
Length: 7 hours 59 minutes
Narrator: Will Damron
Genre: Thriller, Suspense
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Dan Hendricks is a man in need of a lifeline. A former CIA operative, he is now an agent for hire by foreign powers on the hunt for dangerous fugitives. It's a lethal world at the best of times, and Dan knows his number is almost up. His next job could be his last - and his next job is his biggest yet.
The target sounds traceable enough: Jacques Fillon, who gave up his life trying to save a fellow passenger following a bus crash in northern Sweden. But the man was something of an enigma in this rural community, and his death exposes his greatest secret: Jacques Fillon never existed at all.
Dan is tasked with uncovering Fillon's true identity - but can he do so before his own past catches up with him?


Someone is tying up loose ends, and one of those loose ends is Dan.  Running for his life and those of his friends he finds himself taking a job to find out the real identity of a man named Jacques Fillon. Fillon saved a young girl from a bus crash but doesn't really exist.  If Dan can find out who Fillon was he could save himself and his friends.

This is a fast paced spy thriller with quite a lot of  non graphic violence and sex.  Dan is an assassin but is he a good guy? Can any assassin be considered good? Wignall tries to make Dan the hero of this book which is a difficult task but one I think he ultimately achieves.

With a lot of twists and turns and more going on than meets the eye this was a great spy mystery.  The author brought the story to life.  Overall a very satisfying listen.